About Me: How I Got Rid Of My Skin Tags Naturally Thanks To H-Skin Tags

Hi, my name is Patricia Smith and I am going to tell you how those awful ugly skin tags almost ruined my prom. Throughout my entire teen years I always had skin tags all over my body. My mom was the religious type. So as a kid when I would ask her about them she would tell me that it was a “beauty dot” and God made at his image. So as an eleven year old kid in elementary I was not so focused on my look and the other kids did not seem to mind. So I told myself that I was just a puberty thing and one day those acrochorda will go away on their own.

Now fast-forward to grade 12 in high school and things were totally different. Gossiping was at an all-time high among 12 graders and every boys and girls wanted to be popular and have that perfect look. Especially that prom was right around the corner.

Now prior to prom in many occasions I was ridiculed and looked badly because of the facial skin tag on my left cheek. Every boyfriend I had would always stare at the skin tag during conversations and before a final goodbye kiss. As a result my relationships did not last long. They would always give me a million and one excuses to why they wanted to break up but deep down inside I knew it was because of my “beauty dot”. Whatever the case I was determined not to go to my prom alone.

Now on several occasions I’ve tried many things to get rid of my skin tags. I tried home remedies such as tea tree oil, hydrogen peroxide, acne medication, nail polish, wart remover, astringent, toothpaste, apple cider vinegar and so on. Some of these did gave me temporally relief and even eliminated the skin tags in certain part of my body (not my face) but for the most part there was always a recurrence. Heck I was so desperate that I tried to use dental floss to cut them off myself. But I knew that this would only do more harm than good so I decided to search for product reviews on the internet and read forum success stories.

To my surprise, after many weeks of browsing the internet, I discovered that there was an abundant number of products clamming to be able to get rid of skin tags. But one of them was mentioned more than others on the success forum that I visited. That particular one is called H-Skin Tags by Healing Natural Oils. It’s 100% made with homeopathic ingredients and gentle on the skin. It works for all types of skin tags and removes them with no pain and no scarring. More importantly it is FDA listed, manufactured in good old USA and comes with a 90 day money back guarantee.

After using H-Skin Tags for about a week my skin tags began to change in color and shrink in size. After 2 weeks they begin to flake away. And after a month they completely disappeared. I can’t began to express the joy I had that one morning while staring myself in the mirror and realized that my face had no “beauty dot”. And the joy did not stop there!

One week before my prom one of my ex stopped by to chat in the school hallway. Our conversations usually last 2 minutes max because he could not stand my skin tags (even though he never told me face to face). But that day he was rambling for 10 minutes nonstop and at the end he ask me if I wanted to go back together with him. He told me that he was sorry and that he changed his ways. And I responded that from his point forward that we should be honest with each other and ask him what was the real reason why he wanted to be back with me. He told me that he genuinely love to be with me but he could not stand the skin tag on my left cheek. After a few seconds of reflection I told myself that I would have probably reacted the same way. So I decided to give him another chance and the rest is history. I had the most memorable prom night and that is thanks to H-Skin Tags. So click the image below to give yourself a new look and some well needed boost of confidence.

🙂 Good Luck, Patricia Smith 😉