Will the exfoliation of the oldest dead skin cells annihilate the remaining skin tags?

Skin tags are growths that appear on the top of the skin. They can appear on a variety of different locations, including those where creases, folds, or other dermal issues appear. The most common areas where this appears is on the neck, waistline, under arms, under breasts, and in the groin area. The reason why these locations are prone to getting this issue is because they have dermal friction. Whenever skin cells rub against themselves, there is a rush of collagen that is sent to the irritation site, and a small growth appears.

Are Skin Tags Dangerous? Should I Worry?

The first thing that you should know is simple, skin tags are not dangerous. They are benign. They are something that grows on the skin and that’s it. They are not zits. They are not warts. They will not bleed, they will not discharge, and will not cluster or grow over the rest of the body. It’s imperative that you do not scratch the growth, or try to pop it. It will not help the issue. It can get further irritated and hurt if you do these things. They are benign. They are not cancerous.

The growths of the tags come from dermal tissue rubbing against itself. However, there are medical issues that can come through as well. Some of the medical problems associated with this include hormonal shifts, diabetes, steroids, allergic reactions, and obesity. These are not always the reason for the tag formation, but it does in fact occur often with these as well.

Removing Skin Tags

There is a way to remove skin tags, and it involves topical solutions. You can apply topical options like tea tree oil, and even astringents. However, you may be wondering if exfoliation of dead skin cells can help remove skin tags. This is a complex thing to answer, but the short answer is yes. The longer answer involves a little bit more information.

When exfoliating the skin, you can rub away dead skin cells. That means that the dermal layers can be removed that have cells that fall off naturally. You can also get to the root of skin tags. That will help you remove the tags with relative ease. It’s a simple process that you can work with a lot of different solutions.

When To Call The Doctor

For people that will need to go to a doctor, you’ll find that you will need to speak to a specialist. Dermatologists can help you determine what the main issue is, and what you need to do to reverse the problem. When you discuss the issue with a doctor, they will be able to assist you with removal fast. They can also give you a topical solution so that the issue doesn’t last too long, and can be eradicated with relative ease.

Skin tags are mostly cosmetic. They are not complex, and they do not hurt. Do not panic if you see these. They are simple to work with, but may need a doctor’s help if they don’t go away with things like exfoliation, or even topical solutions that you try at home.