Will using knots to remove skin tags cause lesions and leaking fluids?

Removing skin tags is not a hard thing to do. Millions of people work with things at home without much intrusion from a doctor or having to deal with any pain. If you want to remove things, and have used knots, or plan on it, then you know that this can help with removing tags. However, some people are concerned with the appearance of lesions or leaking fluids as a result of using this method. Understanding what the skin tags are, and how to remove them correctly can help you with this topic.

What Exactly Are Skin Tags?

Tags on the skin are associated with a variety of medical concerns. However, they are common amidst people that have changes in hormones, skin allergens, obesity, and aging. While this can occur in men, women, and children, it’s often a cosmetic concern, more than anything else. These are benign growths that appear on the top of the dermis, and it’s due in large part to friction. When skin rubs against itself, a small plateau is raised on the skin, and that’s it. A small tag forms.

Skin issues of this type do not hurt. They do not bleed, and will not cause disruption. They simply appear on the dermis, and that’s it. You will find that this is something that you may not have to worry too much about, in many instances. However, you may want to remove them, which is why many people seek out home solutions.

Using Knots To Remove Skin Tags

The knot method is used commonly by individuals that want to remove these unsightly growths. Does it work? Well, the process is simple. Use a string or dental floss to wrap the tag’s base and then tighten and remove. This cuts the circulation to the tag’s core, and you could very well pull them off, or cut them out with a sterile blade, or even finger nail clippers.

Does it work? The answer is, yes. It can work, but it also may hurt. Because you’re cutting your skin, you may find that it forms a small wound. This is not serious. However, you may get a little fluid leaking, which may be blood, and is not uncommon. This will not come pouring out, but you may have a slight imperfection for a while.

Once you use the knot method, and you cut the tag, put a band aid over where it once was. You can add an antibiotic ointment to it, and that will help with the healing process. However, you’re going to find you will not usually have a lesion or much in the way of leaking fluid.

If you do see blood, or leaks, and things are not healing like you would like them to, consider calling a professional. A dermatologist can help you clean up the wound, clear skin tags, and see if you have an underlying problem. In most instances, you will find that this method is safe, if you use sterile solutions to work with. When in doubt, ask a doctor’s advice, and they may be able to guide your next step.